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When my wife and I were engulfed by our financial problems, when there was no way out, we held on to each other and wrapped our arm around your organization. We’re still here, thanks to you all. Thank you all, so much.”

– Clients who completed the Debt Management Plan and are now debt free

We appreciate all of your help retiring this debt. It feels great! We could not have done it without you.

– Now debt free clients who completed Debt Management Plan in November, 2015.

Thank you sincerely for your financial guidance. This helped us much to bring our situation into focus and give us hope to get out from under our debt burden.

– A happy customer seeking free credit advice


A Little Bit About Us

Consumer Credit of Minnesota, is a non-profit community service agency. Our fundamental purpose is to help people who are in financial trouble solve their debt problems. We have been counseling, advising or structuring debt consolidation and repayment programs for our customers for several years. Our debt consolidation and repayment programs, and educational efforts touch thousands of individuals and families each year. Our repayment programs help you regain your self-sufficiency while avoiding bankruptcy.


national association of certified credit counselors

Consumer Credit of Minnesota BBB Business Review

Credit and Debt Concerns are a stressful thing to endure.  We will give you the tools to set a course down the right path.